As a qualified ‘ human’ chiropractor for 17 years I wanted to diversify into the field of equine chiropractic. I completed a post graduate 100 hour course in 2006 in Applied Biomechanics Equine Chiropractic. Having treated many horse riders, quite often their problems were related to uneven action of the horse and the horses problems were exacerbated by uneven functions of the rider.

This can result in the horse and rider performing under par, and also more likely for the rider to be unseated.

I feel ideally placed to assist and attain the balance of both horse and rider to achieve optimum performance. As with humans, horses can experience considerable stresses and strains resulting in muscle and joint problems.

Treatment can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

£50 for a 30 minute treatment

£75 for an hour.

Treatments are carried out with the permission of a vet.

Treatment will include;

  • Full case history
  • Visual assessment – static/ walk/trot
  • Static and motion palpation
  • Report of finding with chiropractic diagnosis
  • Discussions of treatment plan
  • Treatment using fascia release tool, activator technique and dynamic manipulative techniques.


If your horse suffers from any of the following symptoms Equine chiropractic could help.

• Unexplained deterioration in performance
• Unexplained resistances
• Irritability
• Uneven muscle development
• Muscle wastage.
• Uneven shoe wear, dragging hind feet
• Intermittent or unresolved lameness
• Stiffness on one rein
• Disunited paces
• Sore or cold back
• Emotional problems


Treatment is carried out at the yard where the horse is most familiar, thus minimising stress and anxiety to the horse.